Current Version: V7 (11 June 2019)

Recent updates:

  • Procedural generation engine
  • Generates archetypes based on common drama patterns
  • Weighted by villain/hero, and male/female
  • Minimized conflicting personalities
  • Made descriptions and character traits much more fluid. e.g. Femme Fatale would no longer have text saying "sexy and dangerous". Instead it adds a "sexy" modifier when generating looks, and adds a "dangerous" modifier to personality.
  • Purpose generator. If the character is solo, explain why they're not part of a group.
  • Softer (less jarring) merging party mechanics into the character.

Coming soon:

  • Party generator - create a small group based on tropes. Also justifying why the group is this size.
  • Proper gender managing and splitting description tropes out into a separate panel.
  • Plot hooks.
  • Button to copy text
  • Looks and appearances
  • CSS art for faces, and then for bodies and clothes
  • Expand list choices greatly
  • Deeper concepts. What is their role in this world? What strengths do they have? What brings trouble to them?
  • Deeper personality. How would they approach their situation differently to any other characters?
  • Backgrounds. What shaped their personality? What plot hooks does this bring? Who cares if a character has a perfectly normal childhood? Who cares if one parent is abusive? Each background detail should lead to other ends.
  • Themes are a huge part of all interesting characters. E.g. Woody of Toy Story would be very different in a western setting as compared to being a toy. Find ways to strip off and neutralize the effect of a theme.

Longer term goals:

  • Migrate database to server, and develop into app
  • User submission of new traits, alternate descriptions, and moderation system
  • Plot generators